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20-Week Child Therapy Online Program

For Ages 5-9

About Our Program

To provide quality therapy online with younger children, we have developed a tested format using our published E-Books to facilitate child therapy.

Now Available in Spanish.


We provide weekly sessions to create 20 weeks of introductory mental health care for children ages 5-9, for mild/moderate treatment. Here is the typical sequence:


WEEK 1: Parent Intake to set up the chart and sign Consent of Treatment.


WEEK 2: Complete Parent Report diagnostics to help identify the clinical issues and severity and create a treatment plan to target issues or behaviors.


WEEKS 3-18: Child sessions online.


One week is typically reading one of our published E-Books and doing the instructed activities. This is followed by the next week to focus on more in-depth interventions in-session.


Both parent and child homework will be assigned to do between the sessions.


WEEK 19: Re-Administer the Parent Report diagnostics to see if there was a therapeutic shift.


WEEK 20: Graduation and referrals may be suggested for further treatment needs.

The Benefits of Our Program

Improving emotional expression


Building a better emotional vocabulary


Identifying problem areas


Creating new and more effective coping skills


Modeling and rehearsing new skills in session


Better understanding triggers of the identified issues


Learning mindfulness and self-regulating exercises


Reducing Parental Stress


Practicing new skills and target behaviors during the week with the parent

Why Choose Us

Abalance Client-Centered Counseling is dedicated to providing effective mental health counseling to our community in the Central Valley.


We have over 20 years of clinical experience to provide the most effective treatment options. Our team of therapists have specialized training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Play Therapy.

Professional Counselors

We recognize the importance of a good therapeutic relationship and strive to build a positive rapport with each client. And we treat each client with respect and dignity.


Well Counselling

You will learn skills of mindfulness and how to balance thoughts and feelings; and begin to build insight into your issues and have a plan to reinforce your goals.



Teletherapy is provided by using long-distance technologies so that clients and therapists do not have to be in the same place at the same time.

Balanced Approach

We strongly believe in creating a balance of decreasing negative issues while at the same time increasing the positive things in each of our clients.

Professional Therapy with a Client Focus

Professional Therapy with a Client Focus

Excellent Care Providing a Path to Long Lasting Healing

There are times in life when we can feel off balance and can't seem to snap out of it. When our own natural support system just isn't enough, it may be time to reach out to a professional counselor to start the process of therapy. We have created a safe, comfortable and professional environment to discuss the issues in your life. We recognize the importance of a good therapeutic relationship and strive to build a positive rapport. We treat each client with respect and dignity.

Professional Therapy with a Client Focus
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